University Library has been established in the multipurpose hall of the College of Agriculture building. In addition to the procurement of several text books and practical manuals, magazines and daily newspapers are regularly received in the library for providing up to date information and knowledge to the students and employees.

1.  Associate Librarian:      Dr. Kamaluddin (Associate Professor); Mb-6393425799

2. Assistant Librarian:        Dr. H. S. Negi (Assistant Professor): Mb-9882207654

2.  Library Hours:             Working Days             9:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

NOTE:- Timings are subject to change from time to time in accordance with the orders of                  the university Librarian.

3.   Membership and Library Use:

3.1  Teachers, Students, Research Scientists, Extension Workers, Office and other staff members of University can become members of Library by submitting duly filled a prescribed application form through proper channel and agreeing to abide by rules and regulations of Library of Banda University of Agriculture and Technology, Banda. Library membership will be renewed annually with the commencement of Academic Session.

3.2  Pensioners of the University and Wards of the University employees may also use the Library resources with permission of appropriate authority on payment of refundable Security Fee.

3.3.      Other persons such as Guest and Contractual Teachers of the University working in the University and special members on the recommendations of the officers of the University/Heads of Departments, subject to the approval of the University Librarian/Vice-Chancellor may also use the Library resources on payment of the following charges:

S.No. MembersRefundable Security Fee (Rs.)
(i)Guest and Contractual Teachers of the UniversityRs. 2000/-
(ii)Retired Teachers and Scientists of the UniversityRs. 2000/-
(iii)Special MembersRs. 3000/- + Annual membership fee of Rs.1000/-

3.4  Library membership card issued to members is strictly non-transferable and is to be renewed every year. A lost Library membership card if found should be immediately deposited in the Library. Failure to comply or its misuse can lead to cancellation of membership, if a duplicate card has been issued.

4.  Access to Books:

The readers have free access to books and periodicals which are on the open shelves. Text books, rare books, thesis and dissertations can be consulted only in the assigned area as per directions of the Librarian. Bonafide members will have free access to the CD-ROM Data bases installed in the Computer Section of the Library.

5.  Library Service:

Members are free to seek the assistance of Library staff in selecting reading material, checking of references, searching of misplaced reading materials, compilations of bibliographies, procurement of documents, etc. Members are free to recommend new books or Journals for the library and to suggest improvement in Library services. Suggestions and recommendations, duly signed can be put in the suggestion box placed on the circulation counter.

6.  Admission to the Library:

Before entering the Library, the Library User should sign a register kept at the Library gate and leave his/her personal belongings such as printed material, Radio, Tape Recorder, Bags, Handbags, Rain coat, Umbrella, etc. with the Attendant at the entrance of Library, mobile phones in silent mode.

7.  Issuing and Return of Library Documents/Books:

Normal issue/return of Library reading material is suspended one hour before closing except overnight issue.  The books borrowed for overnight must be returned within an hour of the opening of the Library on the next day. Reading material can be temporarily loaned to the departments if they are needed for consultation by the members of the departments.

The Librarian can recall any Library reading material at any time if necessity arises.

8.  Photocopying Service:

Photocopying services are available to the reader of the library through a private agency on the charges per exposure approved by the competent authority from time to time. Photocopy machine available in the library on payment basis.