Other Infrastructure


Administrative Block

The construction of Administrative building, with a cost of more than Rs 18 crores, Constructed:


Once occupied the administrative block would have offices including Vice-Chancellor’s Chamber along with Spacious Committee Room, Conference Room, Registrar’s Chamber, Deputy Registrar’s Chamber, Estate Officer’s Chamber, SPO Chamber, Multipurpose Hall and Record Rooms. It would also have Chambers of Comptroller, Dean PGS and Dean Students Welfare and their respective offices.


For the development of facilities for sports, a Stadium along with a playground has benn completed with a cost of more than Rs 17 lacs.

play ground






Two units of Type IV residential building having 6 flats for the accommodation of officers, faculty and other employees of the University has been completed with a cost of more than 2 crores. Two flats on the ground floor are being used for the Girl’s Hostel and Guest House respectively.
Another unit of Type-III and Teacher Hostel residential buildings has been constructed.



Vice Chancellor’s Residence

The Vice Chancellor’s Residence Building on the University Campus, with a cost of Rs. 1.6 crores, has been constructed and is being used by the Vice Chancellor.



Power House

To provide uninterrupted electric supply to the University, a 33 KVA Substation has been established in the University Campus and currently the University draws its power supply from this Substation.



Tube Well, Overhead Water Storage Tank and Water Purification Unit

Water is one of the scarcest commodity on the campus. Therefore, to make water available for drinking and irrigation purposes in the University Campus, ten tubewells were bored by C&DS U.P. Jal Nigam on the potential spots. However, availability of water was found only in three bores even though the water of these three bores is not of good quality and is not fit for drinking and irrigation purposes. Thus for purifying the tubewell water and the collection of purified water, one overhead tank and RO plant have been constructed by investing Rs. 3.5 crores.



Convenience Centre

A Convenience Centre has been constructed in the University premises, where a bank, post office, cyber café, computer service and photocopying, stationary, medical store and availability of other items of daily use, would be provided.



Banking Facilities

The full-fledged branch of Punjab National Bank which was opened in COA Bhawan of the University on 28th March 2012 for meeting the daily banking needs of the University administration, employees and students, shall soon be moving to the Convenience Centre.

University Main Gate and Boundary Wall

Construction of about 9-km long boundary wall surrounding 948-acre University Campus and the main Gate complex has been nearly completed.
The construction of main Gate and two small gates of the University is under progress. With their completion, the University premises would be more secured and better managed.



Rainwater Harvesting, Campus Roads, Sewerage and Parking Facilities

For collecting rainwater, underground water collection tanks have been developed along with all major buildings under construction on the University Campus. The harvested rainwater would be used both for irrigating plants and lawns and for groundwater recharge.
For the parking of vehicles of the University staff, students and Visitors, Parking Sheds have been constructed in east side of both COA and COH buildings.

University Security and Cleanliness

To provide security on the University Campus, Ex-army personnel have been engaged through CPS Security Pvt. Ltd. (CPS). Similarly for the cleanliness of the University buildings, the sweepers have been employed through CPS.