The University Setup:

The University Administration consists of the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Board of Management, Academic Council, Faculties of constituent Colleges and Boards of Studies. His Excellency, the Governor of Uttar Pradesh is the Chancellor of the University. The Vice Chancellor is the Principal Executive and Academic Officer of the University and ex-officio Chairman of the Board of Management and the Academic Council and looks after and coordinates all the education, research and extension education activities of the University. The administrative structure is evolved in such as way that co-ordination and integration of education, research and extension education at all levels are maintained.

The University is still in infancy as most of the posts of senior Officers are yet to be sanctioned/filled. At present, in administrative, financial and other matters, the Vice Chancellor is assisted by Registrar, Finance Comptroller, Director Administration and Monitoring, Teaching Coordinator, Deputy Registrar and Dean Students Welfare.

University Administration:

Vice ChancellorDr U S Gautam 05192-232305 (Telefax)
RegistrarProf. N. K. Bajpai05192-232312
Finance ComptrollerProf. Mukul Kumar05192-232313
Director ExtensionDr. N. K. Bajpai05192-232307
Dean, College of AgricultureDr. Gurusharan Panwar05192-232308
Dean, College of HorticultureDr. S.V. Dwivedi9415720119
Associate Dean, College of Forestry
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar9436839004, 8131868071
Deputy RegistrarDr. Surendra Kumar Singh05192-232312
Associate Dean Student WefareDr. Virendra Kumar Singh9454197360

The University Authorities:

Following two authorities are functioning under the provisions of Uttar Pradesh Agricultural Universities Act.
(i) The Board of Management
(ii) The Academic Council

Board of Management:

The Board of Management (BOM) is the principal executive autonomous authority of the University, which considers and reviews all the financial, administrative and academic matters of the University. The Vice Chancellor and Finance Comptroller are the Chairman and Secretary, respectively in the Board of Management. The BOM is assisted by Academic Council of the University in taking decisions and deciding Academic matters. The structure of the BOM is as under:

1Principal Secretary, Agriculture Education & Research Department, U.PChairman
2Secretary, Higher Education Department, U.P.Member
3Principal Secretary, Finance Department, U.P.Member
4Principal Secretary, Finance Department, U.P.Member
5Director of Agriculture, Uttar PradeshMember
6Director of Animal Husbandry, Uttar PradeshMember
7One representative nominated by the Director General of Indian Council of Agricultural ResearchMember
8Two member of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly and Two members of Legislative Council.Member
9Two Agricultural Scientists having background of Agricultural Research or EducationMember
10One Progressive FarmerMember
11One Social Women WorkerMember
12One Agriculture IndustrialistMember
13Finance ComptrollerSecretary

Members of the Board of Management:

The term of office of the nominated members is of three years. The present members of the Board of Management are as under:

S. No.DesignationName
1Vice Chancellor (Chairman of BOM)Dr. U.S. Gautam
2Principal Secretary, Agriculture Education & Research Department, U.P.
(Member of BOM)
By Designation
3Secretary, Higher Education Department, U.P. (Member of BOM)By Designation
4Principal Secretary, Finance Department, U.P. (Member of BOM)By Designation
5Director of Agriculture (Member of BOM)By Designation
6Director of Animal Husbandry (Member of BOM)By Designation
7Representative of ICAR Deputy Director General (Extension), ICAR, New DelhiDr. A.K. Singh
8Member, Vidhan ParisadShri Suresh Kumar Tripathi
9Member, Vidhan SabhaShri Moolchand Singh
10Member, Vidhan Sabha
Shri Ramesh Chandra Dubey
11Member, Vidhan Sabha
Shri Gayadeen Anuragi
12Member, Vidhan SabhaSmt. Manisha Anuragi
13Finance Comptroller (Secretary of BOM)By Designation

Meetings and Decisions Taken:

Nine regular meetings of the Board of management have been held to date. A brief description of decision taken by the BOM during these meetings is given in the ‘University Progress Report’ posted separately on this website.

Academic Council:

(i) The Vice Chancellor shall be the Chairperson and will preside over the meetings of Academic Council. In his/her absence or inability to preside, this function shall be exercised by one of the Deans nominated by the Vice Chancellor.
(ii) Registrar shall be the Secretary of Academic Council.
(iii) Three regular meetings of the Academic Council have been held to date. A brief description of decision taken by the AC during these meetings is given in the ‘University Progress Report’ posted separately on this website.


In the approved Master Plan of the University Campus, eleven colleges of different disciplines are to be established at the University campus as listed below:

1. College of Agriculture
2. College of Horticulture
3. College of Forestry
4. College of Home Science
5. College of Dairy Technology
6. College of Fisheries
7. College of Management
8. College of Food Science
9. College of Basic Science and Humanities
10. College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology
11. College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry

In the first phase, the construction of six colleges, namely, College of Agriculture, College of Horticulture, College of Forestry, College of Home Science, College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry and College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology was started in June 2010. More details are given under “Infrastructures” on this website.