The University Campus has about 950-acre land, which is barren, uncultivated with undulating topography and ravines. About 350 acre area is marked for buildings and playgrounds whereas the remaining 600 acres are to be developed for conducting research and developing technology on field crops, fruits, vegetables, forage crops, flowers, nursery, etc. In addition to main Campus, there are two NARP (National Agriculture Research Project) Centres at Bharari and Belatal, and a Crop Research Centre at Mauranipur, which are expected to come under the command of the University in near future.

The University Administration has submitted the proposal for the sanction of post of Director Research, which is still awaited. Another major problem is the non availability of irrigation water on the University Campus. To solve this problem, a project proposal for lifting water from nearby Ken River, for both drinking and irrigation purposes, has already been submitted to U.P. Govt. for its sanction and approval.

As most of the area in Bundelkhand is under Dryland agriculture, the Vice Chancellor has already sent a proposal to the Director, Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, Hyderabad to establish a Dryland Research Centre in Bundelkhand Region so that appropriate production technology could be developed for this region. For conducting research under such a Centre, the University Administration could provide laboratories and experimental farm on the University Campus.